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GoGoGirlfriend Box! November 2011

21 Nov

GoGoGirlfriend Box! November 2011

UPDATE (2/9/12): I cancelled my GoGoGirlfriend subscription on 1/31/12. I can no longer recommend subscribing to this company. I will leave my GGG posts up as a reference, but sign up at your own risk. See my GoGoGirlfriend post for more details.

I received my second sampler box from GoGoGirlfriend last week. This service is still pretty new for me, but I must admit, my first box was a lot better than my second. I’m still satisfied with the items I received, I got a LOT more stuff in last month’s box. GoGoGirlfriend is still a relatively new subscribtion service, so I want to get a few shipments before I decide if it’s worth my $12.99 per month or not. So far, I’d say it is.

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