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Birchbox! September 2011

21 Sep

Birchbox! September 2011

I finally received my Birchbox in the mail yesterday. It’s so frustrating when you live on the west coast and have to wait for stuff to ship from the east coast! It takes soooo long. And Birchbox unfortunately uses Streamlite, which is the worst shipping service EVER. If USPS takes 3 days to ship a package, Streamlite will take 9 days. I hate them if you couldn’t tell lol.

But annnnyways.. moving on :) This is Birchbox’s one year anniversay box. It was highly anticipated (as usual) and I like almost everything I received, but I admit it was a little underwhelming for an anniversary edition. I think Birchbox needs to either throw in a full size bonus item or more deluxe sized items soon to keep subscribers happy. I’m really not thrilled about getting a vial of perfume considering you can get free perfume samples all over the place.

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