September Starbox from Starlooks!

28 Sep

Have you heard of the Starbox? It’s a monthly beauty box subscription from Starlooks that seems to be steadily gaining in popularity among makeup lovers. And that is largely because the Starbox is strictly MAKEUP and makeup-related stuff (like brushes and primers). For $15 per month, you are guaranteed at least 3-4 full size items per month, which  could be anything from a lipstick to an eyeliner.

When I first heard of this service, I was a little confused with the names. Starlooks is the cosmetics line, and Starbox is the name of their monthly beauty subscription, and each Starbox contains only Starlooks products. Translation: don’t sign up expecting to be sent MAC, Benefit, Stila, etc. It’s a company-specific subscription, therefore only Starlooks products will be included in your Starbox. Hopefully that made sense.

The first Starbox I received was for the month of September. Starlooks said this was a special month because everyone received SIX full-size products: 5 pans of eye shadow and an eye primer. Two bonus items were also included: glue-on Swarovski eye crystals and a quartz crystal.

The eye shadows are meant to be very opalescent and sheer. The swatches in my above photo were applied on top of the Starlooks clear primer that was included and HEAVILY packed on with a shader brush, then packed on even more heavily with the pad of my finger. They would work best when used as a base shadow or by themselves if you’re looking for a subtle “pop” to the eye for a daytime look. You won’t get much color payoff, but they will transform your lid into  shimmery opalescent beautimusness.

I just noticed that “Cruelty” on the back of the shadow palette box is misspelled as Curelty lol.

The primer reminded me a lot of petroleum jelly, but once applied it dries very quickly and turns the skin into a nice soft base. I like that it’s clear so you won’t have to worry about applying it carefully or blending any edges out.

The Swarovski eye crystals were a cute and different addition. They tell you to apply them to the tips or base of your lashes, or corners of the eye with lash glue. I’m probably going to use them on my nails :)

According to the little product card that was included, there is a piece of quartz crystal included in every Starbox. They are supposed to attract energy and maintain focus. They suggest you fill all of your collected quartz crystals into a glass jar to create a brush holder for all of your Starlooks brushes – quite the pinterest-worthy idea!

I think Starbox is completely worth the $15 per month, especially if you’re a makeup junkie. I was lucky enough to get the September box in exchange for a review, but I will probably become a paid subscriber after this. To me, it’s worth trying for at least a month or two. It’s $15 for 3-4 full size makeup products (not perfume vials, not shampoo packets, etc).

If you’re interested in getting the Starbox, you can signup at On the checkout page where it asks “How did you hear about Starlooks?” it would be great if you selected “Blog” and typed in “”. I don’t get referral points or free stuff or anything like that, it just helps out the people at Starlooks :)

Disclosure: I received products mentioned in exchange for review. All opinions expressed are 100% honest.


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3 Responses to “September Starbox from Starlooks!”

  1. Tarin Mealer October 1, 2012 at 2:54 pm #

    Oh yay, after sending you the email I went to your blog and saw you did get the starbox this month…it seems like you liked it…good, I’m glad :)

    I will say, this months didn’t have much payoff with the eyeshadow…I think it is because they are so opalescent…but a couple months ago we got an eyeshadow that had great payoff. It wasn’t an opalescent, so it probably had a different formula. But yay, I hope you continue to like everything!

    • Tarin Mealer October 1, 2012 at 2:57 pm #

      Oh no…I didn’t want this to get posted…I thought it was going to your email (and it won’t let me delete it). oops :( lol

  2. Chelsey October 3, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    Haha it’s okay! They are uesful comments :)

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