POPSUGAR Must Have Box! March 2013

12 Mar

Popsugar is my newest discovery in the monthly subscription world. This is my 4th box and I am simply in love thus far. The Must Have box differs from the cheaper sub services (birchbox, ipsy) because you get a nice assortment of full size products/items for $35 per month instead of smaller samples. If you’re a new subscriber, google for some new coupon codes to use on your first box. I know CHANNEL7 gets you 50% off, but not sure when it expires.

I’ve gotten some GREAT stuff from Popsugar: books, high end makeup, candy, designer jewelry, etc. I wish I had photographed all of my past boxes because they were all great!

Here’s what I received in my March POPSUGAR Must Have Box:

The Buxom Sculpted Lash Mascara is $19 alone at Sephora. I’m a fan of the other mascaras in the Buxom line so getting this was an epic win for me. Here’s a photo of me wearing two coats:

Wearing Buxom Sculpted Lash Mascara (two coats)

The gold tassel necklace from Heather Belle is absolutely GORGEOUS! I am so picky about necklaces, I prefer them to be fairly long 25+ inches) otherwise they just don’t look good on me because I’m so busty. I’m not sure exactly how long this necklace is but it’s the perfect length for me! The chain also seems to be very good quality. Here is a photo of me wearing it to give you an idea of the length:

Heather Belle Gold Tassel Necklace

The Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo will come in handy because I just got some new cashmere scarves that will need some special laundering attention. This sells for about $16 on drugstore.com

I’m a little bit obsessed with the Corkatoo Corkscrew. It’s just friggen’ adorable. These are also about $16 retail.

Typical me, I got the most excited about one of the cheapest things in the box, the $6 sweater saver! I needed this in my life SO badly.

I’ve gotten The New Black nail polishes before and they’re pretty nice quality. The fashion tape I’ll probably never use.. maybe I’ll torture my Mastiff with it or something :) kidding, of course.

And the Peeps need no explanation of their awesomeness.

I am extremely pleased with this month’s POPSUGAR box. If you’re interested in this box I suggest you head to www.musthave.popsugar.com sign up for an account now because there is usually a 1 or 2 month wait. Don’t forget if you’re a new subscriber you can use the coupon code CHANNEL7 to get 50% off your first box.

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