Final New Beauty Test Tube of 2011

13 Oct

I sadly received my last Test Tube of the year today (and it arrived very early for some reason). I get the QVC version which usually contains different products than the version shipped directly from New Beauty. And it’s a little bit cheaper for me too since I subscribed when it was a “Today’s Special Value”. But alas, I was very disappointed with my final Test Tube of the year. It was just.. blah. Out of all four shipments I received, this is the only one I was completely unhappy with. It’s almost as if QVC just gathered the left-over products they had hanging around and threw them in a tube.

 Why am I disappointed?

  1. I already got a Philosophy body wash sample in another tube
  2. I already got a Wen sample in another tube
  3. I already got a Laura Geller eye rimz in another tube (and this one is muddy green.. bleh.)
  4. I already got a jar of Dr Perricone stuff in another tube
  5. I already own the large bottle of Josie Maran argan oil
  6. I already own 3 black Mally eyeliners (although I don’t really mind getting another. I love these. BUT they couldn’t even throw in the new twist-up mechanical version.. it’s the old school pencil that she’s had forever)
  7. TOOTHPASTE WTF? Really?!?

Just.. bleeehhhh. Maybe I’m spoiled because all the others have been so good.

I thought about contacting QVC  about it, but I’m sure they would just be like “return it then”, which I’m actually considering. I’ve found their customer service lately to be been less than impressive.

I’m sure they will play the angle that all of the repeat products are a different variation/scent/color than what was previously sent out. But seriously, 2 Philosophy body washes, 2 Wens, 2 LG Eye Rimz, 2 Perricone jars… I find that to be atrocious when the whole concept of the Test Tube is to allow the consumer to be introduced to a variety of new products. Not the same ones over and over.

Disclaimer: Test Tube was purchased by me with my own money. Not sponsored in any way.

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  1. gigi October 13, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    it happens thats why I hate the tubes and boxes always horrid. Im back to buying new things I lose less money.

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