MyGlam Bag! March 2012

21 Mar

This month’s MyGlam bag was my least favorite out of the three that I’ve gotten so far. Aside from the fact that the bag and products came out of my mailbox with an atrocious odor, most of the products didn’t “wow” me too much. 

Here is what was included in my March Glam bag:

  • Murad Eye Lift Perfector (packet)
  • Pur-lisse Pur-Protect SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer (packet)
  • Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-in Treatment (packet)
  • 3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam
  • MyGlam Crease Brush and Case
  • $25 DermStore coupon code

First impression (besides the rank stench) was that there were 2 very tiny packets. Definitely not “deluxe” sized by any means. Buuuut to make up for the small packets, they included an almost-full-size bottle of 3Lab Foaming Cleanser which retails for about $40. The Dermstore card contains a code to get $25 off your purchase of $50, which I’m sure I’ll use because it’s a pretty good deal. Dermstore doesn’t charge tax or shipping, and they carry some of my favorite brands.

I really love the MyGlam branded crease brush and case. Makeup addicts can always use another fluffy crease brush, naw mean? :) I heard that they will be sending one brush in several future Glam Bags to fill up the case.

Let’s talk about this Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-In Hair Treatment for a minute. I tried it this morning and am absolutely convinced that this is the WORST hair product I’ve ever used in my life. Yes, it was that bad.  It made my hair smell absolutely awful. It had a strong chemical-like scent, very similar to how the bag smelled when I took it out of the mailbox. I hated the way it made my hair look and feel. It kept my hair from drying completely and left it feeling tacky and grungy. I had to throw my hair up into a ponytail for the rest of the day because it stunk/looked so bad and I didn’t have time to re-wash it.

I’m hoping the Glam Bags will continue to improve, but this month fell flat for me. If you want to sign up for MyGlam, check out

Disclosure: Not sponsored. I paid for my bag with my own money.

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