Skin Care Goodies from Reviva Labs

11 Apr

The fine people at Reviva Labs recently sent me a few of their awesome (very, very awesome) products to try out. I had heard of this brand before, but never had any experience with their products. They definitely made me a life-long customer! The stuff they sell isn’t your typical moisturizer or exfoliator. They carry products that are different and inginutiave, which I love about any brand. Take a look at the goodies I got to try:

Collagen-Fibre Eye Pad kit ($38), Light Skin Peel ($20) and the Vitamin E Oil Stick ($4).

This is the Vitamin E Oil Stick. It resembles a lip balm, but you’re not just limited to using it on your lips. You can apply it to your cuticles if they’re a little dry or even your eye area for a quick moisture touch-up. The taste is a little perfumey, but other than that, my lips loved soaking up this product.

This, my friends, is the mackdaddy of all products! I will be buying these ALL the time because the results are just outstanding. These pads literally make the fine lines under your eyes disappear. It’s only a temporary effect, but it lasts all day long. I’m only 26 but I do have a couple little lines underneath (which I HATE!). The Myoxinal gel that comes in this kit absorbs into the eye area and just smooths everything out for a freshly botoxed look. Love!!!

This product also became a new favorite. You apply a layer of this “peel” cream to your face, allow it to dry, and then either rub it off with a towel or your dry fingers. I would suggest the towel route as it can be a little messy. After you remove it, your face is fully exfoliated.. all dead skin cells are finito! Think of a clarifying shampoo but for your face. This does have a semi-strong smell, so if you’re sensetive to that then you might not like it as much. But I don’t really mind it and I LOVE the results. It’s the equivalent of a chemical peel without the chemicals.

I’ve only tried three things from Reviva Labs, but there are dozens of more items I’m definitely gonna purchase! Shop for yourself at

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  1. Emma April 11, 2011 at 10:38 pm #

    wow! I really need something like this for my under eyes!

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