Review of Astre 24ct Gold Anti-Aging Serum

4 Apr

This is a big post for The Girly Enthusiast, as it’s my first ever review of a skin care product! And I sure did pick a good one :)

I’m only 26 years old, but I am still religious with my skin care routine. I want to keep this face wrinkle-free for as long as humanly possible. And using products that contain as few chemicals as possible is also very, very important to me. That means no parabens, no sulfates, no hydroquione, etc. Lately I’ve found that my regular moisturizing routine wasn’t hydrating my skin good enough. I kept waking up with dry flakey patches no matter how much moisturizer I slathered on (grrr).

Thankfully, the guys over at Astre Skin Care sent me their premier product to try out. It’s called the Astre 24ct Gold Anti-Aging Serum. Yes ladies, there really are flecks of 24ct gold infused throughout this product. Awesome right? Well it’s not just for show.. turns out gold is an essential mineral for your skin. It improves collagen growth and reduces the breakdown of elastin. Who knew?!

This serum is also packed with Hyaluronic Acid (which is a reknowned skin care ingredient in most high-end products), peptides, and organic aloe vera. It glides on your face so smoothly and absorbs right away leaving your skin feeling hydrated and lifted. I noticed within the first few days of use, my dry patches went away and the flakiness disappeared. My skin felt “plumper” if that makes any sense :) And even though I have sensetive skin, this product didn’t cause any adverse reactions or breakouts.

If you’re interested in trying this product, it’s available at Get $10 off your purchase by using the code “GIRLY” during your checkout!

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