Review: Mally New Naturals blush & highlighter

22 Jan

Hello girlies! Today I am going to review the New Naturals Blush/Highlighter from Mally Beauty. The shade is called Fabulous Spice. This duo came in a kit from QVC called Mally Fabulicious Holiday Kit. For $25, I’d say it was a pretty good buy.

The QVC page doesn’t really say much about the blush, except for:
“Smile and find the apples of your cheeks. Apply blush by swirling the brush over the blush shadow. Follow by adding highlighter to your upper cheekbones or lightly dust it allover for a lifted look.”

The blush/highlighter come in an adorable pink palette. I hate dinky mirrors.. so I always gotta appreciate a brand that gives you a large mirror! I’m always impressed by Mally Beauty packaging.

I was surpised at how peachy this blush was when it arrived. The picture shows a more rosey looking shade, but it’s a beautiful color nonetheless. The brush definitely leaves something to be desired. It’s pretty tiny (I’d say about the size of a quarter) and it sheds pretty bad. I’m usually not to keen on brushes that come with product. I’ll stick to my Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair brushes all day everyday :)

The first picture was taken standing in front of my window, no flash. The second picture was taken with the flash. My skin tone is fair to light medium and I really love how this blush looks on my complexion. When it’s applied in a sweeping motion straight across the apples of my cheeks, it gives a natural sun-kissed look that I would get from hanging outside for a day. It also makes my dark blue eyes pop without using heavy mascara. I’m just wearing some 5-hour-old Tarte Lash Tint, so the blush is great for a low-key, natural look.

GE Rating: 4/5 Stars

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