Review: It Cosmetics Nail Love Pen

8 Oct

It Cosmetics is a line that I first discovered while watching beauty presentations on QVC. You might be familiar with their more popular products: the Bye Bye Undereye Concealer or the Brow Power pencil. I own both of these and they pretty much rock. I hold a special place in my heart for companies that make products that actually do what they claim to do LOL. I’m sure you’d all say an Amen to that.

So I really wasn’t surprised that I fell in love with the It Cosmetics Nail Love Pen. Here is the description of the product straight from the brand:

Nail Love Cuticle and Nail Oil Pen is the newest addition to IT Cometics’ collection of innovative multi-solution beauty products. It treats and conditions cuticles, strengthens nails with hydrolyzed collagen, and this exclusive formula has an anti-yellowing complex. Combine that with the healing eucalyptus leaf oil and you’ll see this pen packs a whole lot of NAIL LOVE!

The beneficial ingredients including a Pro-Collagen blend plus Vitamins A, C, E and Pro-Vitamin B5 work to strengthen and protect your nails over time! The Healing Eucalyptus Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba seed Oil work to heal hangnails and torn cuticles giving a soothing effect you can feel immediately. Now that’s something your nails and cuticles will love!

And here is their advertisement for it:

Let me give you some background on my nails; I’ve always hated them. My nailbeds are short, they don’t grow, they peel, and just generally suck. Thus, the reason I’ve had sculpted acrylics put on for the past year. But one thing I hate about getting the acrylics done is that they are so rough on your cuticles. The skin surrounding my nails is constantly dry, cracked and unsightly.

I’ve been using the Nail Love pen for the past 2 weeks and the skin surrounding my nails looks completely different. No more hangnails (I ALWAYS had them!), dryness, cracking or anything. The oils from the pen keep my cuticles looking nice and clean when I’m inbetween fill appointments. I obviously can’t vouch for how the product works on your actual nailbed. I snapped some photos of my pen and how I use it:

Just twist the bottom of the pen to bring the oil up to the brush and apply directly to your cuticles and nail. Then pop the cuticle tool on and push those suckers back. I will massage in any remaining product with my fingers. I love that they packaged this into a pen vs. a traditional bottle. I can throw it in my purse without worrying about it breakng and spilling all over the place. It’s pretty reasonably priced at $12.50. If you want to pick it up for yourself, it’s for sale on the It Cosmetics Website.

Disclosure: This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by It Cosmetics. All opinions are 100% honest.

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