Review & Swatches: Origins VitaZing

12 Aug

I’m pretty sure I’ve made it painfully obvious that I really enjoy my BB Creams. The coverage, the convenience and the cost are the three C’s that keep me coming back. HOWEVER, I’m sad to say that most BB Creams aren’t made with the best ingredients. I found Origins VitaZing during my search for a product that I could use as a base under my foundation, provide some coverage, and contain decent ingredients.

What is Origins VitaZing, you say? Well, it’s basically just a tinted moisturizer. But unlike almost every other tinted moisturizer I’ve used, the VitaZing gives your skin a beautifully rich color! I don’t know why, but most tinted moisturizers are too yellow and don’t blend for crap (perfect example.. the Urban Decay tinted moisturizer in light). I mean, yeah I’m pale. But I moderately apply self tanner to keep from blinding people in the streets. So I typcally require warmer undertones in my products. The VitaZing comes through so well for that purpose!

It comes out of the tube as a speckled white cream, but once you start blending it with your fingers, it transforms into a medium bisque shade. At first it freaked me out, I thought it would be way too dark for me. But it melts into my skin so well and leaves no lines of demarcation. I could probably get away with using it as a light coverage foundation if I was having a zit-free week. But I should be so lucky!

Straight from the tube:

Blendy blend:

More blendy blend:

MORE blendy blend:


Helmet was giving me this face the entire time:

So as you can see, it warms up pretty nicely. I don’t recommend using this if you’re porcelain because it will just make you look muddy. This would definitely be too dark for me if I didn’t apply Dr. Gross Self Tanning pads to my face every other day. It blends beautifully with sun-kissed skin! It only has SPF 15 so you will probably want to pair this with another product that has higher SPF. It’s also a pricey item, at $30 for a 1.7oz  tube.

Disclaimer: Product purchased by me with my own money. Not sponsored in any way.

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