Hello Beautiful! Jewelry & Pretties Galore

30 Apr

If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you’ve probably seen the pictures of the incredibly adorable jewelry that I’ve been posting from the To: Hello Beautiful shop.  They have every trendy piece of jewelry you can imagine, and they’re about to launch their Spring collection which expands their inventory with scarves, handbags, etc.

The prices are super cheap already, but to make room for their new Spring inventory they are having a massive clearance sale of 50% off. It’s TODAY ONLY for 24 hours, so I highly suggest you take advantage! The 50% off code is 50OFF and priority shipping is always a flat $5.

If you miss the sale today, don’t fret my pet. You can use the code GIRLY to get $5 off your $10 order anytime.

Here are my two favorite pieces:

This is the Vanessa bracelet. It’s my FAVORITE piece on the site and it’s my stylist pick :)

Vanessa bracelet from To Hello Beautiful

This is the Penelope bangle. I’m in LOVE with the rose gold and massive amount of sparkle!

Penelope bracelet from To Hello Beautiful

Head over to http://2hellobeautiful.com to pickup your pretties! I’d love for you to tweet me or tag me on instagram so I can see your haul :) @girlyenthusiast for both. Happy shopping!

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  1. Hannah Yoo May 25, 2013 at 3:25 pm #

    Love the two bracelets!

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